j0321063Coaching for Physicians and Healthcare Executives

There are no secrets to achieving success. The three ingredients are commitment to your goal, a steady course of action, and a strong belief in yourself.

The healthcare environment has changed as more hospitals compete for clients, or patients as we used to call them in medicine. Having the right attitude and information can help you succeed but the key factor is adaptability. Can you or will you change with the hospitals new direction? Can you restore the trust in a community the hospital serves?

Change is a scary process. It causes personal stress and confusion. You can restore faith in yourself and those you serve by having the right tools to inspire change. Take command of your career and invest in yourself by exploring the possibilities that can exist with a coach who cares about your success.

5 reasons to consider a career coach:

  • The challenges that healthcare executives and physicians face today are more complex than years ago. There are more demands of your time with less time for yourself and your family.
  • Corporate leaders have coaches. It’s how they excel in their world.
  • Coaching provides you an opportunity to develop a new skill, work through obstacles, learn time management, explore inner strengths, re-assess your current situation, and even find the courage to change career paths.
  • Partnering with a coach will help you define your goals then hold you accountable for completion of tasks that will start the change you desire.
  • Coaching is successful when the client and coach connect, and they share an energy that creates excitement about the “what can be”.

Get Started Today

Taking the first step:

  • j0178460Evaluate where you’re at in your current position. Would you like to improve your skills where the focus is on a specified task? Are you interested in improving your job performance in motivating people? Or, are you motivated to receive coaching for development because you’re ready to move up the corporate ladder?

There’s no cost to start a conversation:

  • Now that you have developed an interest, contact me. I am available to meet with you in person or by telephone, to discuss your goals. I’m happy to talk with you and answer your questions.

Catch the wave of the future:

  • j0178938Join the hundreds of other healthcare executives and physicians who have decided to invest in their future. Find a coach you can connect with and who will feel like a friend with your best interest at heart, someone who “gets you”. The length of the coaching sessions will depend on your needs. It’s important to have someone you feel comfortable with as you explore difficult issues that may be blocking your ability to perform well at work or to progress in your career.
  • Reignite the passion in your career.

Your feedback is appreciated and will be kept confidential


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