Physicians looking for a career change

Breathe new life into your career through coaching.
Breathe new life into your career through coaching.

I’m amazed at how frequent this discussion comes up in casual conversations. It usually starts with “I’m tired of all the administrative red tape”, “I have no control over my patients”, “the patient expectations are unrealistic”, or “I can’t afford to keep my practice going”.

My question to you is, “do you really want to change your career, quit medicine, or simply re-define your priorities?”

You’re not alone. Even the best physicians out there struggle with this at some time in their careers. It’s a challenge because as you look back at all that you’ve invested into your career, you don’t want to let anyone down, especially yourself. Family and financial obligations prevent many of you from even considering another option. College education for the kids, a mortgage for that new home, healthcare issues, and an unstable economy make it even more difficult to even consider a career change.

I struggled with the same concerns. I took some time to weigh all the pro’s and con’s, talked to my closest friends, and in the end made my choice to taper out of medicine. It was a hard decision that required a change in mindset, our financial budget, and motivation to find those things that would bring me pleasure and fulfillment. While I miss the ER, I have found balance in my life and I’m re-energized to seek new learning experiences, new people, and a new career.

Find the light within you that guides you down the path of fulfillment and joy for your family but most importantly, for yourself.


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