Defined as, the condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends. Whereas fail is defined as, to prove deficient or lacking, perform ineffectively or inadequately, to cease functioning properly.

The words carry such negative connotations yet we’ve given them more power than the stated worth. We have concerned ourselves more with doing rather than being that it has blocked our ability to experience. The act of being allows us to freely use all of our intrinsic abilities to learn, grow, and share experiences with others. The desired outcome is what we want it to be and that outcome is driven by the amount of time, effort, and desire we invest in it.

It’s conceivably true that the outcome was not the result we had desired, but does it really mean we failed. Literally yes, but it still doesn’t define who we are. It says nothing about character, values, or, inner strengths. Is says nothing to the fact that we stood back, assessed the shortcomings, took the initiative to change those shortcomings, and subsequently succeeded in our quest.

I can honestly say that I’ve had more successes than failures because what define me are my values. I’m a traditionalist who trusts and believes that honest, forward action contributes to empowerment and a sense of full self-expression. When we are honest with our abilities, focus on our goals, and are willing to take risk with zest and vitality, we are connected with all the other positive energy in the universe and move forward to achieve beyond anything we’ve experienced before.

So in the end, you’re not a failure. You’re just not there yet.

n adame


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