New Year Planning

I went out for a morning run on New Year’s Day in the bitter cold. It was 36 degrees Fahrenheit as the sun began to rise. My purpose for the early run was to think about my plans for the new year as running provides me with clarity of thought. During this private time, I’m able to think and share my thoughts with the universe as I explore all the options ahead for me this year.

Planning has never been my forte but since starting my own business it’s very essential because of the importance of having productive time management. My livelihood now depends on my own drive, desire, and precious limited time. Planning gives me a chance to do all the things I really enjoy.

I don’t write down my plans to fill each hour of the day. Besides running, I find meditation a good way to plan my day.  I sit in my personal study and focus on the present moment. Being quiet and being focused on nothingness helps me tune out the noise. This allows me to consider those things that need my attention for the day. Then, as I begin my day, I find being focused on one task at a time is more satisfying and takes less energy to complete. At the end of the day I still feel refreshed and satisfied by what I have done.

The beauty of planning is that plans can change. Each idea you introduce into your life can bring forth another idea and another. The limitless opportunities begin to open up to you as you create the space in your mind for them. Think of this time as a window that you can see your world through – the larger the window, the greater the view.

I’m keenly aware that I now have an opportunity to do the things that bring me joy in my life. It’s no longer about placing other’s needs before mine, giving up family time for a demanding career , and feeling guilty for not doing more. I have a chance to help people who are shackled by work or life circumstances, teach college students with a burning desire to learn, write the novel that will hold you spellbound, play the guitar as Joe Cocker would have liked, and run to my hearts desire.





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