What inspires you? It could be a positive evaluation from your employer, watching your child’s first recital, or maybe a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. It’s that unsuspecting wave of cold ocean spray as you stand at the edge of the pier on the beach. Inspiration can fill you with newfound confidence or an exalting influence. It’s usually something that makes you want to share it with the universe.

Today I got out of bed as usual at 05:00. I had my one cup of coffee, played with the dogs, did some chores, then quickly sat at my desk and started writing in my book. My story unfolded as I typed without hesitation or rest. I stopped to look at my watch and I was amazed to see it was already 11:00 a.m.

I missed breakfast! Feeling deprived of one of life’s simplest pleasures, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a boiled egg, a cup of yogurt, and a glass of orange juice. Once satisfied and refueled, I took pen to papyrus.

What had suddenly sparked my inspiration? As I now sit with pen in hand, I realize it was the creative writing seminar I attended last night. The creative juices must have been flowing all night just waiting for an outlet – it found its way through my fingers pecking on the keyboard of my computer.

How many times have you felt inspired to do something great in your life? How many people have you inspired to do things they never dreamed of achieving, to become famous or successful, or to turn their life around?

The next time you’re feeling inspired, take a moment to thank that someone who inspired you to greatness. A whispered “thank you” is usually enough.



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